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PLANETOID #4 is off to the printer and will be on sale Nov 28...

-32 pages of story

Sorry about the wait!

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Planetoid #4 didn't ship this week.
I'll post the "new" shipping date as soon as it's known.
It will probably be in October.
Sorry everyone!
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Sad to say PLANETOID #3 did not ship this week as scheduled.

Instead, PLANETOID #3 will be in stores AUG 22.

The lateness is entirely my fault. I wrote an in-depth explanation of why this is the case on my blog ...which I've copy and pasted below.

Sorry for the wait...


Many apologies to readers, retailers and to my publisher Image Comics -all of whom have been so supportive. I've said publicly that this would not happen, but it has.

Of course, this is solely my fault. Below is an explanetion of why. These are reasons, NOT excuses as to why the book is late. Everything below could have been avoided, had I planned things out differently. What's below is quite technical and probably somewhat boring, but I figure people may be curious and perhaps this will be of use to upcoming creators...

Image comics has a certain set of production standards for printing comics. It is the responsiblity of the creative team (in this case me) to meet these standards and turn in the finished art work on time.

When comics go to print any number of things can go wrong. Printing plates can slip, paper can become oversaturated with ink and become wavy, etc. I've been writing, drawing, and digitally coloring comics for many years, prior to getting signed with Image, without knowing much about these things. Also, Planetoid #1 was first published digitally and didn't need to conform to these standards.

When it came time to turn in my files for Planetoid #1 I knew I would need to spend some time in front of the computer formatting them and making them ready for print, but I never expected that it would take as long as it did. It took weeks! The files were a disaster. Some files were "flattened", so the word balloons, color layer, and line art could not be isolated from each other. I needed to completely re-letter portions of the book. I had to tediously color correct each page. It was a mess and ate away precious time from the already tight (but doable) schedule I had laid out for myself.

When it came to PLANETOID #2 I had far fewer problems but again I never made up that lost time, and lost a few days here and there. I've also had a variety of computer problems (I can't afford a new one... yet ). It's a pretty miserable feeling at 4am, watching that little pinwheel spin as my computer chugs along trying to deal with these massive files, ...meanwhile my deadline slips through my fingers. I've heard it said that the only reason comics are late is because their creators are lazy. Not true. It is indeed possible to work 10+ hours a day/7 days a week and have your book ship late.

The schedule I committed to is/was just too tight. So, I told Image to delay #5 by a month. It is better, I thought, to delay the solicitation/release date and have the book ship on time, then to be late after agreeing that the book would ship on a specific date.

The other factor is the workload I committed to in the first place with Planetoid. With the cover, each issue includes 33-31 pages of art/content... for $2.99. One of the ideas for planetoid was to make an indie book that rivals a DC/Marvel in terms of overall quality art/story/production. And in some ways surpass what they offer by having a book without ads in the middle and a higher page count/lower price point. Unfortunately the 30+ pages of content experiment hasn't quite payed off. Most reviewers have made no mention that Planetoid has 50% more content at a lower price point... and the work involved, above all else has resulted in lateness. Again, a mistake on my part.

In summary, technical issues took longer than expected and I over committed. Both of these things are entirely my fault. Image has been nothing but totally helpful and supportive. They've worked extremely hard to mitigate these problems. Retailers have went out of there way to let me know about how the book is doing. And of course the readers... there's planty of things people can do with their time and money other than support my comic-book. But people have done just that.

So ...I'm learning. Planetoid is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what I want to do with comics, should I be fortunate enough to continue. I've learned a tremendous amount about what to do and what not to do in order to make comics the right way, and how to work smarter (not harder) so I can avoid this type of thing on future projects.


Back to work.
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I'm off to San Diego!

I'll be at the Image booth for Friday and Saturday, sitting with the great Joe Keatinge.

I'll have copies of PLANETOID #1 & #2 for sale.

My next project, in association with Monkeybrain Comics, will also be announced Friday night.

More soon....

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Here's an iFanboy podcast interview I did the other day (followed by an interview with Brian Wood)...…

ALSO--- PLANETOID #1 came out today, so please go to your local comic book store and buy it.

More soon!

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PLANETOID#3 is available for pre-order now. It will be in stores Aug 8.

Ask your local retailer to pull a copy for you in advance or you can do so online at:…



P.S. -- Images from #3 will be posted soon...
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PLANETOID#2 will be released on July 11 and is available for pre-order now.

Ask your local retailer to pull a copy for you in advance or you can do so online at:…

I guess this is shameless promotion, but I just want to make sure everyone who wants copy gets one.

Thanks for the support!


P.S. -- Images from #2 will be posted later this week!
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I did an interview with CBR (ComicBookResources)... check it out here…


There's still time to order PLANETOID #1 at your local retailer to make sure you get a copy.

If you don't already use the pull list feature on Comixology might want to give that a try.

Here's a link for the page for PLANETOID…


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I did a radio interview with Fictional Frontiers to talk about my new comic PLANETOID.

You can listen here, my segment starts around 30:30

There's still time to order PLANETOID #1 at you retailer to make sure you get a copy.

If you don't already use the pull list feature on Comixology … might want to give that a try.

Here's a link for the page for PLANETOID…


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The first issue in my new mini-series PLANETOID will ship on June 13 and is now available for pre-order!

So if you want to get I copy I strongly urge you to go to your local retailer and have them reserve one for you in advance.

In the meantime here's some new preview pages:…

More soon...

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It's official!!!

Yesterday, at the Image Expo, it was announced that PLANETOID #1 will be available, in print, from Image Comics this June!!!

...with each issue of this five-part mini-series shipping monthly thereafter. has the inside scoop:…

In the meantime you can you can read the entire 32-page first issue in digital format for just $3! Go here…

As always, a sincere thanks to the DA community for all the support over the years!

More soon...

PLANETOID just landed this awesome review on Ain't it Cool News!

Check it out:

Thanks to AICN and (again) to the DA Community for the support!

More news soon...
Here's an interview I did last week for the release of my new mini-series PLANETOID.

Read it here:…

We talked about a lot of stuff, but the thing I enjoyed the most was being able to publicly praise and recommend my favorite comics & creators.

Hopefully, people who read the interview will check out and enjoy some of the lesser-known work that is mentioned.

Again, thanks to iFanboy and all you DA guys for the support!



PLANETOID #1 (32pages, full-color) $3.00
Can be purchased at:…
PLANETOID #1 got a major boost from this positive review on iFanboy this week!
Check it out here:…

...big time thanks to Paul Montgomery!/fuzzytypewriter for giving this book a chance.

Thanks also to all you guys for adding me, leaving comments and checking out my work on DA.


(32pgs/full-color) $3
--available now exclusively at…

More soon...